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Griffin Theatre Company is Australia’s new writing theatre. In residence at Sydney’s historic SBW Stables Theatre, we lead the country in developing and producing great Australian stories, and are dedicated to supporting Australian artists.

  • The Unspoken Word is ‘Joe’ – reviews

     Hilarious, clever and really quite mad. The reviews are in for our first Griffin Independent show for 2015 The Unspoken Word is ‘Joe’, produced by MKA: Theatre of New Writing. Don’t miss your chance to see the show that’s been wow-ing audiences and critics alike in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Playing until 7 February. Book your tickets here.  

     “fiendishly clever, side-splittingly funny and quite unlike anything I’ve seen before.” ★★★★ Time Out 

    “As the complex Zoey, [Nikki] Shiels is a delight.” ★★★★ Time Out 

    “…incredibly clever and way funny and the actors are brilliant.” Stage Noise

    “A meta and mind-bending on-stage implosion” Sydney Morning Herald

    Read more reviews here.

  • The Lysicrates Prize

    The Lysicrates Prize is Australia’s newest playwriting award and has been inspired by the imminent restoration of an historic monument in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden: The Choragic Monument of Lysicrates. 


    A staged reading of new works from finalists Justin FlemmingLally Katz and Steve Rodgers will take place on Friday 30 January in the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, within sight of the Lysicrates Monument, following which the audience will vote on the winning play.


    Read more…

  • Check out our 2015 Season Trailer!

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21 January 6:48 pm
11:30 am

A message from Lee, 21 January


Come on everybody! You have to come back to work. I know 2015 doesn’t really get going ’til January 27 for you but for us over here at Griffin we’ve got so much going on you just have to catch up.

Sydney Festival and Kate Mulvany’s Masquerade was just awesome. The Drama Theatre at the Opera House was filled to the brim with families enjoying Kate’s fantastical tale of the Sun and the Moon and the riddle that is Love. It is now packed in a truck heading over to the State Theatre Company of South Australia where it will be performed as part of the Come Out Festival.

Back at home in the Stables Declan Greene is back in the house opening The Unspoken Word is ‘Joe’  on Friday. And Suzie Miller’s Caress/Ache is in rehearsal. The Lysicrates Prize is happening in the Royal Botanic Gardens and the new Studio artists are starting to read the entries in the 2015 Griffin Award. I don’t think we could jam more into January if we tried!

So, Happy New Year. How was your holiday?
Love Lee

6 January 2:24 pm

A Message from Lee: 6 January 2015

OK! OK! You were supposed to get this newsletter yesterday to welcome you all into the Griffin New Year. BUT. I am writing to you from the intestines of the Opera House where we are creating the first production of Kate Mulvany’s Masquerade for Sydney Festival. 

A truly national adventure for Griffin, the Drama Theatre is filled with actors and designers and musicians from Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Brisbane.

We are all working frantically to get everything ready for the first show tonight. Right now it doesn’t feel possible that the curtain will go up on time!!! There is way too much to do! But deep inside me I know it will happen and the first audience will tell us if we are on the right track. How? As Geoffrey Rush said in ‘Shakespeare in Love’ … ‘It’s a mystery’. Read more…


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