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  • Emerald City Reviews

    The reviews are in for our production of David Williamson’s Emerald City. Join us for a night of wit, wisdom and pure 80′s glamour.

    Emerald City sparkles like Sydney Harbour on a sunny day.” ★★★★ TimeOut Sydney

    “In the hands of Lewis and this fine cast it is all still….very funny.” The Australian

    “Mitchell Butel brings a fine comedic sensibility to Colin…driving the entire production’s energy and pace..” Daily Review, Crikey

    “Jennifer Hagan is deliciously dry as Elaine” Sydney Morning Herald  

    “EMERALD CITY is as relevant as it’s ever been.” Sydney Arts Guide 

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  • Emerald City Trailer

    Take a look behind the scenes of our production of David Williamson’s iconic Emerald City. Get the inside word from David Williamson, Ken Done, Lee Lewis and actor Lucy Bell . 

    Emerald City plays from 17 October to 6 December 2014. Book tickets here.

  • Check out our 2015 Season Trailer!

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26 November 10:37 am

A message from Lee, 26 November


On November 12 the Philae Lander touched down on a comet. A comet! Now I know everything didn’t go to plan, but it is still an extraordinary achievement in the history of this planet. I was watching the live feed from the ESA the night of the landing (full disclosure: the love of my life is a space geek… he made me watch), and watching that room of people who have poured so much of their minds and hearts in to the creation of the mission I was strangely reminded of the teams of people who create new plays. The many minds and many years of work, the pooled knowledge, the bottomless well of passion, the hope – just saying, there was a lot about the European Space Agency that reminded me of Griffin that night.

Making new plays is the rocket science of the theatre world. It is that hard, and it is that exciting. The mission doesn’t often go exactly to plan, but every piece of knowledge gained builds towards the next one. Thinking of the plays we are launching next year as our very own imaginative Philae Landers maybe stretching the analogy, but as we head into December and look back on this year, there is no denying the journeys our playwrights have taken us on have been incredible. As the last few tickets of Emerald City are snatched up, I think back to where we started with The Serpent’s Table, to Jump For Jordan, to Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography, to Ugly Mugs and to The Witches. What a wild ride! Where will our playwrights take us next year? A Griffin subscription…cheapest form of space tourism? That’s why I’m not in marketing.

Love Lee

25 November 9:18 am


Playwright David Williamson reflects on Emerald City and the parallels it has with his own life.

Emerald City has undeniable links to my own life. In 1979, my wife Kristin and I made the long car journey up the Hume Highway from Melbourne to Sydney, in a second-hand Volvo station wagon stacked with three kids, our suitcases and a large panting and flatulent dog. We were relocating from Melbourne to Sydney.  As in the play, Kristin was dubious about the change having been brought up, as all Melbournians were, to believe that “Sydney was in interesting place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there.” The Calvinistic Melbournians believed Sydney to be a place of mindless hedonism and loud brash behaviour. Kristin’s mother Hope had a particular aversion to a species of Sydney ladies she called “Bondi Blondes.” I, on the other hand, had always found Sydney exciting. My earliest memory is not from Melbourne but from a sunlight Sydney backyard with bright flowers and birdsong from a parental visit to Sydney relatives. Something in my young brain responded to the subtropical abundance of the city. Read more…

11 November 10:39 am

Select 2015 Single Tickets on sale now

Tickets are now on sale for The Unspoken Word is ‘Joe’ and Yasukichi Murakami: Through a Distant Lens. A biting satire of Australian theatre, The Unspoken Word is ‘Joe’  comes to Griffin Independent following critically acclaimed, sold-out seasons at Brisbane Festival and Melbourne Fringe. Yasukichi Murakami is our incredibily evocative 2015 special event with our The Serpent’s Table partners Performance 4a. Get ahead of the pack and snap up your tickets today! 


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