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Griffin Theatre Company is Australia’s new writing theatre. In residence at Sydney’s historic SBW Stables Theatre, we lead the country in developing and producing great Australian stories, and are dedicated to supporting Australian artists.

  • Unholy Ghosts Reviews

    Campion Decent’s award winning drama, Unholy Ghosts, has opened to praise from audience and critics alike. Tickets are selling fast to this hilarious and astonishingly warm mediation on death and family ties, so book now to avoid disappointment.

     ”…this is a real tearjerker, full of warmth, light and some excellent laughs. It’s such an enjoyable, engrossing crowd-pleaser, with bucketloads of heart, it seems almost certain to have a life beyond this initial season.” Crikey, Ben Neutze

    Mother (Anna Volska) … pops with good lines like so many champagne corks. Volska, a stranger to the stage for much too long, lives the part to the hilt. Sydney Morning Herald, John Shand

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  • The Witches this September School Holidays!

    The Witches opens this September School Holidays at Griffin for two weeks only! This Roald Dahl classic was re-imagined by dance choreographer Lucas Jervies stars Guy Edmonds in every role. Adventurous boys and girls, rat-racers and retirees are in for a wicked and wonderful time! Book your tickets now before they disappear!




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9 September 2:37 pm

NAB Private Wealth Emerging Artist Award Exhibition

The Finalists’ Exhibition for the Art Monthly NAB Private Wealth Emerging Artist Award will be held from 11-20 September at HASSELL Studio, Level 2, Pier 8/9, 23 Hickson Rd, Sydney and is open to the public. The inaugural exhibition is curated by Sebastian Goldspink and will be judged by industry experts. The finalists are: Tully Arnot, Julian Day, Mike Hewson, Katie Lee, Lisa Sammut, Camille Serisier, Bridget Walker and Jason Wing. One artist will receive the $10,000 acquisitive award. For more information on the award click here. 

1:16 pm


“Im not afraid of dying. I just don’t want to be there”.

When my mother died I was cradling my 2 year old son. As she took her last breath my mortality appeared front and centre, regarding me with a little disdain and a touch of arrogance!

I’ve since attempted to balance the scales by the consumption of copious amounts of fish oil, kale and quinoa, the furtive mastering of an elliptical trainer and the occasional temptation to inject my face with botulinum toxin but…every year as fireworks cascade over the Harbour Bridge I begrudgingly acknowledge that the numbers are advancing and I will most certainly die before some smarty pants solves how to reverse free radical damage and therefore my walk into the sunset.

My son is now 23 and hopefully it will be many more years before he’s confronted with the possibility of watching a parent die or as Campion so poignantly writes, “to drift without an anchor”. Read more…

8 September 5:59 pm

Lee’s Enews intro 8 September, 2014

I love this time of year. Season launch means summer is on its way. Our 2015 season it out in the world and I want to thank all the people who have been so effusive in their response to the plays Griffin will be producing in 2015.

MasqueradeCaress/AcheThe House on the Lake, The Bleeding Tree and A Rabbit for Kim Jong-il. 5 bright and shiny new Australian plays from some of our most adventurous Australian writers created for you. I promise you that every time you venture up the hill to Griffin that the story you will see plays that are urgent, imaginative and excellent. And that’s just our main season… for a walk on our wilder side take a look at our indie plays!

BUT! Of course that’s all about where we are going next year.

RIGHT NOW! We have Campion Decent’s deeply moving Unholy Ghosts onstage at the Stables. I only watch it on nights when I am wearing waterproof eye makeup. A personal and incredibly compassionate play about loving and letting go of your parents, it opened to waves of love for the outrageous Anna Volska, the irascible Robert Alexander and the elegant James Lugton. Director Kim Hardwick has created a very special night in the theatre.

I am days away from starting rehearsal on Emerald City. It’s like waiting for Christmas. Speaking of, for all my family members reading this… this year you are getting subscriptions as presents… five new plays, five new worlds, in your stocking.


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