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Griffin Theatre Company is Australia’s new writing theatre. In residence at Sydney’s historic SBW Stables Theatre, we lead the country in developing and producing great Australian stories, and are dedicated to supporting Australian artists.

  • Caress/Ache Reviews

    Suzie Miller’s poignant new play Caress/Ache opened to standing ovations this week. The season runs until April 11, book your tickets here.

    “Caress/Ache makes for a touching and thought-inspiring night of theatre…” Stage Whispers

    “…Zoe Carides is heartbreaking to watch as the desperate and downtrodden Alice.” Time Out

    “A compelling, fascinating and troubling work by playwright, director and cast alike.” Stage Noise 

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  • Steve Rodgers wins the inaugural The Lysicrates Prize

    We’re thrilled to announce that Steve Rodgers is the winner of the inaugural The Lysicrates Prize  for his play Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam. The first Act of all three finalists’ works were performed at the Sydney Conservatorium on Friday 30 January. The Premier of NSW presented Steve with the prize at an awards ceremony in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Read more…

  • Check out our 2015 Season Trailer!

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19 March 10:42 am

A message from Lee, 19 March

Thank you all for your effusive support of Caress/Ache. We have never had so many letters, emails, phone calls and visits from our audience to say how moved they have been by Suzie Miller’s play. It opened two weeks ago to standing ovations and yes, more than a few tears. Since then we have been overwhelmed with how Sydney is opening its heart to the stories in this big hearted play.

Our 2015 Griffin Ambassadors saw the matinee on Saturday and were blown away by how relevant the play is in their lives at the moment. Each year we invite 100 high school students to see the whole season of plays. Thanks to The Robertson Foundation, the students attend for free and some from travel from as far away as Tamworth and Aberdeen, from Wollongong and Campbelltown. Over the years they have told us, the reason they like coming to Griffin is because they are encouraged to engage as people rather than as ‘students’. This isn’t an education program but it allows us to have a really robust conversation with young people who want to have a relationship to theatre. Read more…

17 March 10:44 am

Inside the Rehearsal Room: Five Properties of Chainmale

Five Properties of Chainmale writer and director Nicholas Hope takes us into the rehearsal room and gives us glimpse of what’s to come.

And rehearsals have started! It’s a thrilling process directing your own work; themes and connections you’d never realised were there are brought out by actor input, and the piece grows beyond your own initial conception of it. We are in our first week of exploration, and I am excited and just a little threatened by elements of what we are finding and by the potentials and limitations of theatricalisation. The comedy elements of the play are pushing through, and the morphing of perfomance/storytelling style that is intended to be mirrored in the ever-diminishing set is in a promising embryonic state. Read more…

3 March 12:26 pm

A message from Lee, 3 March 2015

The buzz is in the building! The previews are filled to overflowing! Suzie Miller’s play Caress/Ache opens at Griffin this week. You may remember Suzie as one of our Studio Artists, or if you spend a bit of time in Perth you may have seen her work onstage there but this is her Sydney mainstage debut. If she is reading this her nerves will be increasing exponentially. But I fully expect you all to embrace her play as enthusiastically as her directors and actors have.

I have spent the last few days trying to describe the extraordinary audience we have here at Griffin for our Australia Council funding application. The new guidelines have asked us to speak about our six year vision for the company. I have been trying to articulate what makes Griffin so special in the national theatre ecology. Apart from being the only theatre in the country dedicated to new Australian plays (pretty special)… I keep coming back to the Griffin audience. Your capacity to support, question, understand, debate and improve new plays with your responses is astounding. The fact that you are consistently willing to walk up the stairs at Griffin and hand over your night to a playwright and a group of actors is astounding. You are not asking for comfortable theatre experiences, you don’t know the ending (Lear always dies. Often it is sad). You are curious. You are brave. You are sophisticated. You are rigorous and exacting. And you are generous. And our playwrights need all that. You make them better writers.

It would sound really daggy if I called you the best audience in the country on the application. But that is how we think of you inside the Griffin office. Thank you in advance for taking care of Suzie Miller and her new play.

See you in the foyer,

Once I have finished the application,

Love Lee


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