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Griffin Theatre Company is Australia’s new writing theatre. In residence at Sydney’s historic SBW Stables Theatre, we lead the country in developing and producing great Australian stories, and are dedicated to supporting Australian artists.

  • Ken Done to design for Emerald City

    We’re thrilled to announce that internationally acclaimed artist Ken Done will design for David Williamson‘s iconic Emerald City. With a cast that includes Marcus GrahamMitchell ButelJennifer Hagan and Kelly Paterniti and directed by Griffin Artistic Director Lee Lewis, this is one you won’t want to miss. Read more…

  • Angus Cerini wins the 2014 Griffin Award

    Melbourne playwright Angus Cerini was awarded the 2014 Griffin Award for his new work The Bleeding Tree.  Angus joins Griffin Award alumni such as Donna Abela (Jump for Jordan), Lachlan Philpott (Silent Disco) and Brendan Cowell (Rabbit). More about the Griffin Award here.

    Read more from Elissa Blake in the Sydney Morning Herald

    And from Justine Burke in The Australian




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22 July 9:52 am


Writer Peta Brady talks to us about real life ‘Ugly Mugs’ and how they’ve informed her new play.

Street-based sex work is illegal in Victoria. This anomaly in the law creates barriers between police and street-based sex workers, who are hence less likely to report violent clients (known as ‘mugs’). It strips street-based sex workers of the legal rights that others, in different occupations, take for granted, and leaves the community more vulnerable.

Peta Brady in UGLY MUGS photo by Brett Boardman

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8 July 5:15 pm


When actor/writer and safety outreach worker Peta Brady brought the idea of Ugly Mugs to director Marion Potts, she was ‘horrified, moved, confronted by our own ignorance’. 

Ugly Mugs began when Peta Brady came to the theatre in early 2012 to tell myself and our Associate Writer Van Badham about what she’d been working on. She pulled an ‘Ugly Mugs’ pamphlet out of a thick file of research material and we were immediately transfixed. Horrified, moved, confronted by our own ignorance, this was documentation that pinpointed the brutality of the streets we drive through every day. It exposed a woeful tendency to hide our heads in the sand – a kind of collective collusion that we felt compelled to interrogate.

Marion Potts and Peta Brady photo by Pia Johnson

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9:30 am


As we approach the final few performances of the whimsically wonderful The Violent Outburst That Drew Me To You, director Kate Gaul and her cast take some time out to reflect on their journey.

Tuesday 8th July – The show closes at the end of this week and we took a moment to reflect on the past four weeks – firstly a word cloud to describe the experience:

Raw, Intimate, Magical, Exhilarating, Blessed (Natalia Ladyko). Fast, Challenging, Exciting, Confronting, Silly (Michael C). Joyous, Collaborative, Jazzy, Freezing, Strong (Anthony). Vibrant, Intimate, Ensemble, Bold, Fun (Emily). Uplifting, Mischievous, Magical, Wild, Fun (Renee).

Photo by Heidrun Lohr

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