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Griffin Theatre Company is Australia’s new writing theatre. In residence at Sydney’s historic SBW Stables Theatre, we lead the country in developing and producing great Australian stories, and are dedicated to supporting Australian artists.

  • Masquerade at Sydney Festival

    Our magical production of Kate Mulvany‘s Masquerade has its world premiere at Sydney Opera House as part of this year’s Sydney Festival.


    Featuring a magnificent cast including Helen Dallimore (Wicked) and live music by Mikelangelo and the Black Sea GentlenmenMasquerade is directed by Sam Strong and Lee Lewis. Grab your Masquerade tickets as part of your 2015 Griffin Subscription here. Read more…

  • Check out our 2015 Season Trailer!

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9 December 4:18 pm

Inside the rehearsal room: Sam Strong on Masquerade

Director Sam Strong reveals the truly galactic journey Masquerade has taken to the Sydney Festival stage, as the company wraps their first few weeks of rehearsals.

Just over a week ago, I arrived at a rehearsal room at UNSW for the first day of Masquerade rehearsals.

Rehearsing a Griffin show is always a lovely experience for me and UNSW is full of memories. The last time I was there was during a particularly stifling summer to rehearse another Griffin/Sydney Festival collaboration, The Boys.

But the most lovely thing about the first day of rehearsals for Masquerade was how long we had been working toward that moment. Read more…

4:16 pm

A message from Lee, 9 December 2014


In the digital age time is moving so fast I am resorting to the conventions of the telegram. Emerald City playing this week Parramatta Riverside stop Masquerade rehearsals awesome stop Google taking over building stop National Theatre forum Thursday stop Lysicrates Prize shortlist soon stop deadline for Griffin Award looming stop. NO! Don’t stop! We may be crazy busy but the plays are great and the people making them even better. Our single tickets for next year are going on sale and I am wondering how many of my nieces and nephews are getting Griffin subscriptions for Christmas! What are you doing reading this newsletter? You all have way too much to do before Christmas… get on with it!

Love Lee

3 December 9:20 pm

Is a national theatre relevant?

Earlier this week, in response to the forum Our National Theatre we will be holding at the Stables on 11 December, Griffin was denounced by a group called Panacea who claim that by only producing Australian theatre, we are progressing a narrow representation of culture. You can check out their video here.

Panacea has raised interesting questions about the type of work being made and presented in Australia right now. And so, we bring on the debate and invite them to join us at our forum on Thursday, 11 December.

There is space in our culture for all kinds of stories. Stories that talk to big, global ideas. Stories that speak to us individually, in a single humanitarian voice. And stories that represent our distinct vernacular, reflect the people who have come before us on this land, are journeying through it now, and those to whom we entrust its future care.

I think that we do all of things those at Griffin, and will continue to do so. And by doing all of those things, whether it’s representing specific ethnic, cultural or national identity, or exploring the local and the global, I don’t think that focusing on one in any way diminishes the other. But let’s have that conversation.

What does the idea of a “national theatre” mean and look like? Does national identity have a place in theatre, or do audiences expect our stories to reflect the increasingly globalised world we are living in? We will also talk about presenting classics and new work, and the opportunities and challenges presented by new digital platforms in determining what we create for our stages and the way audiences will engage with them.

We have invited a member of the Panacea group to attend and present their point of view.

Click here for more about the forum and to RSVP. 



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