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Griffin Theatre Company is Australia’s new writing theatre. In residence at Sydney’s historic SBW Stables Theatre, we lead the country in developing and producing great Australian stories, and are dedicated to supporting Australian artists.

  • The Dapto Chaser trailer

    Mary Rachel Brown’s bold new comedy The Dapto Chaser  is now playing. Funny, heart-breaking and full of heart, it’s a warts-and-all Aussie comedy about the colourful and controversial sub-culture and the story of a family caught in the pressure cooker of gambling addiction.

    Check out the trailer for a glimpse of what’s in-store.



    The Dapto Chaser by Mary Rachel Brown plays 1 -15 July

  • 2015 Griffin Award winner – Stephen Carleton

    We’re thrilled to announce that STEPHEN CARLETON has won the 2015 Griffin Award for New Australian Writing for his play, The Turquoise Elephant. 

    Stephen receives a $10,000 cash prize, and each shortlisted playwright receives a $1,000 cash prize. Congratulations also go to the Shortlisted nominees: Christopher Bryant, Louris van de Geer, Julian Larnach, Kendall Feaver. 

    The Griffin Award is a national prize recognising an outstanding play that displays an authentic, inventive and contemporary Australian voice. Read more…

  • Helpmann Award Nominations

    The 2015 Helpmann Awards have been announced with Griffin receiving 3 nominations this year. Congratulations to: 

    Pip Branson and Mikelangelo for Best Original Score for Masquerade by Kate Mulvany
    Anna Cordingley for Best Costume Design for Masquerade by Kate Mulvany
    Steve Rodgers for Best Male Actor in A Play for Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography by Declan Greene

    Our congratulations to all other nominees.

    For a full list of nominees, see here.  The winners will be announced on 27 July.

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24 June 9:29 pm

A note from Lee 24 June, 2015

What a night! The 2015 Griffin Award for the best new Australian play was won by Stephen Carleton for his black black black environmental tragic farce THE TURQUOISE ELEPHANT. YAY! No, yay isn’t in the title… yay for him, yay for Queensland, yay for our wonderful judges (John McCallum, Andrea Moor, Hilary Bell and Ben Winspear), yay for the Studio Artists who read all 148 entries, and a huge thank you to all the playwrights who crafted those 148 unique works. It is an extraordinary privilege to read them – I am in awe of your collective capacity to understand, analyse, empathise and create from the chaos that is our contemporary world.

The gorgeous SBW Stables Theatre was full to the brim with lovers of great writing all celebrating the abundance of talent in our playwriting community. We saw excerpts read from the five shortlisted plays Looking Glass by Louris van de Geer, Ozymandias by Julian Larnach, The Turquoise Elephant by Stephen Carleton, The Almighty Sometimes by Kendall Feaver and Home Invasion by Christopher Bryant. If you get the chance to read any or all of these works, leap at the opportunity! All of these plays are looking for stages to be on. We have so many great plays being written and not nearly enough productions of them for audiences to enjoy. But enough soapboxing from me… today is just about the plays and in particular THE TURQUOISE ELEPHANT which made me laugh out loud when I read it and ultimately made me cry at the state of humanity it depicts. Congratulations Stephen.

Love Lee

23 June 10:07 pm

Affiliate Director: Samantha Young

Affiliate Director, Samantha Young, talks to us about working with the Griffin Studio and the Griffin Award.

My name is Samantha Young and I’m the Affiliate Director who has been attached to Griffin Studio this year. I first met Lee when I was studying to be an actor and she was completing her Masters in Directing at NIDA in 2005. Nine years later, in the kind of circular wizardry of life,  I then went on to complete my Masters in Directing at the same institution. In between these times I have been working as an Actor and Director. As a young graduate I couldn’t imagine anything better than a serious domestic drama or a subtly crafted Chekhov. Now I write and direct comedies and cabarets usually concerning the epic or supernatural and often containing food fights. You can see my upcoming work Space Cats at Bondi Feast in July. It’s about singing cats in space. Read more…

10 June 4:29 pm

A message from Karen – 10 June.

1 June, the onset of winter and the cold and flu season which has swept in with a vengeance at Griffin, taking our Artistic team out with it! Hence Lee has passed the baton to me for this week’s newsletter.  The rest of the Griffin team are bunkered down working on deadlines for funding applications and the 2016 program. Donations of vitamin C and thermal underwear warmly welcomed. This is my first full program as GM, and I hope you will enjoy being immersed in it as much as I have enjoyed discussing, debating and reflecting on the stories you need to see on our stage next year.

Next door, at the Stables, Jeanette and Huw are also battling the dreaded lurgy that is taking Sydney by storm. Being the amazing resilient artists they are, the show has gone on and The House on The Lake continues to play to full houses. In the foyer after Saturday’s matinee, I overheard one very happy audience member exclaim “… plays often don’t sustain my interest but this kept me enthralled from start to finish.” Get in quick as you don’t want to miss out on this one, and tickets are selling fast (with only one week to go!).  

June is also that time when we focus on the end of financial year campaign.  The intimate experience that is Griffin is our focus this year, and I urge you to check out our new mini Griffin  (with its seating capacity of 1….How much more intimate can you get?) in this trailer. 

Cough it up for Griffin in June. Get well soon, Lee – we need you back…


Karen Rodgers, General Manager, Griffin Theatre Company


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