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Griffin Theatre Company is Australia’s new writing theatre. In residence at Sydney’s historic SBW Stables Theatre, we lead the country in developing and producing great Australian stories, and are dedicated to supporting Australian artists.

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    Applications are now open for our 2016 Griffin Studio Artists. The Griffin studio supports four + artists per a year to develop their work, mainly in the fields of writing and directing. Applications close 24 May.

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    Submissions for our 2016 of Griffin Independent season close on Sunday 26 April. Make sure you don’t leave it ’til the last minute as we are looking for some hot shot productions to join our subscription season. Could it be you? 

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    We’re excited to announce the inaugural Script Club is now on sale. $20 for one or $60 for all  four classic (overlooked) Australian plays, followed by afternoon tea and a robust round-table discussion led by John McCallum - Theatre Critic for The Australian and Senior Lecturer in Theatre at UNSW.

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14 April 11:27 am

A message from Lee 14 April

The Griffin Studio turned 21 this year! Last night we celebrated the 5 years and 21 artists who have now participated in the residency program with some of the donors who make it happen. With Caress/Ache closing on Saturday after a hugely successful season (playwright Suzie Miller Studio 2); The House on the Lake starting rehearsals, welcoming back Jeanette Cronin and Huw Higginson to the Stables stage (director Kim Hardwick Studio 5); and the realisation that the year is moving so fast that A Rabbit for Kim Jong Il (playwright Kit Brookman Studio 3) will be upon us soon, it is clear how successful the program has been in bringing new artists in to Griffin. For donors who like to see their contributions going directly to artists, supporting the Studio is perfect.

Of course people support Griffin in many different ways. Sponsorship, donation, subscription, volunteering, advice, bringing friends to shows – there is a huge community of people who make up the Griffin family. We all believe that contributing to a company like Griffin is a way of ensuring that the creative life of this city is rich and complex. Reading Simon Garfield’s book, On The Map, I was struck by this thought:

 “Paul Theroux has made the point that great explorations demand fine writers to bring it all home – the fierce desperation, the unbound elation, the emotional and humane mixed with the procedural. This explains why we know what cold feels like, but we don’t really know what it’s like to walk on the moon.”

If the idea of Australia is a great exploration, then it is in the crucible of Griffin that we will find the writing that will show us where we are going.


10:19 am

Chainmale Rehearsal Room – and we’re nearly there

The Five Properties of Chainmale company share with us the final week of their rehearsals before hitting the stage on 15 April.

At the time of writing we have about one and a half weeks left of rehearsal. Costumes and parts of the set are now in the rehearsal room, and the negotiation of new elements has slowed the process and made simple logistics become more prominent. Blocking for The Stables is a challenge, and blocking for the thematic elements of the piece along with that challenge is keeping me awake at night. The actors are becoming highly active collaborators and I sometimes forget that it’s up to me to make the final decisions. I can get so consumed by the investigative process of collaboration that I have to push myself into making a decision simply so we can move on. There is a delicious balance between what looks good, what serves the text and performance, and what allows the audience to see what is happening.

The team during rehearsals

All told, it’s a very fulfilling way to lose sleep.

Nicholas Hope, director and writer

Five Properties of Chainmale plays 15 April – 9 May. Book tickets here.

30 March 5:12 pm

Message from Ben – 31 March, 2015

Expand your mind and spare your waist this Easter.

Having hidden my orange Griffin T-shirt back in King’s Cross, shaved my legs and gone deep undercover in Surry Hill’s Belvoir for a stint on stage in Elektra/Orestes, I can report back that the health of new works in this country is at a possible all time high.  To celebrate this casual cultural collaboration we are inviting Belvoir and Griffin audiences to enjoy an Easter of discounted new Sydney works. Caress/Ache and Elektra/Orestes patrons will save $20 a ticket when presenting a Griffin ticket stub at Belvoir, and vice versa. Between them these shows have been described as “stunning”, “urgent”, “shocking”, “crushing”, “compelling”, “heartbreaking”, and “thought inspiring”, with audiences standing, weeping, and writing in with beautiful words of thanks and support.  Is it the authenticity of the voices of Jada Alberts and Suzie Miller? Is it the bold ambition of the works? Is it something to do with having a forward slash in the title that is provoking these responses? Dig in your coat pockets, empty the recycling bin, find your ticket stub, and make up your own mind.

Speaking of cheap theatre tickets: last chance to snap up a 4 Play Subscription for not much at all (please do, because if we sell just 42 more subscriptions Lee will shout us all a celebratory lunch at Mad Pizza, and some kind of fabled watermelon cake). Caress/Ache, The House on the Lake, The Bleeding Tree, and A Rabbit for Kim Jong-il are a fantastic line up for the second half of the year.

Now, if you yourself are a maker of quality independent theatre and want to bring your work to the Stables in 2016, the Griffin Independent season is open for submissions. We offer independent artists a slot at  the SBW Stables theatre, ticketing, marketing, staff, a bar with great gin, and a whole lot more. All you need to do is bring the show. So do it. Nicholas Hope did, and it’s all about to happen (you can read how his upcoming production of Five Properties of Chainmale is shaping up in his rehearsal blog).  And straight after that we have our second Main Season show - The House on the Lake We look forward to Huw Higginson‘s dangerous charisma on stage soon.

Belonging is a loving and incredibly detailed history of Australian playwriting by the great theatre reviewer/academic/author John McCallum.  We are very privileged that John has offered to curate and present Script Club for us, in which neglected masterpieces will be available to read, before being discussed live.  Tickets to this programme are ridiculously limited (and I’m not just saying that to make you buy them, they will go very fast).

Join us and become a part of the revival of these tremendous works.

That’s enough hyperlinks for one week.  Enjoy Sydney in the Easter hiatus, leave the chocolate bunnies, and binge on a double bill of new works at both Griffin and Belvoir instead.



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