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Griffin Theatre Company is Australia’s new writing theatre. In residence at Sydney’s historic SBW Stables Theatre, we lead the country in developing and producing great Australian stories, and are dedicated to supporting Australian artists.

  • Our 2016 Season Trailer

    2016 is here! Check out the incredible plays, writers, directors, actors and designers heading to the Stables in 2016. 


    Take a look at our 2016 Brochure online and check out our 2016 Season trailer, below.



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  • The Bleeding Tree reviews

    Angus Cerini‘s astonishing The Bleeding Tree has opened to universal praise. Directed by Lee Lewis and starring Paula Arundell, Airlie Dodds and Shari Sebbens, it plays until 5 September. Book your tickets now.


    ‘this is powerful, visceral and deeply exhilarating theatre – just as it should be.’ ★★★★ The Guardian


    ‘The dialogue spars and parries, words rush in over one another, and the plot powers ahead at a cracking pace.’★★★★ The Guardian


    ‘It’s a rare thing for every element of a production to converge in this fashion. The combined effect is thrilling.’ ★★★★ Crikey


    ‘Shocking and exhilarating’, ‘beautiful, and challenging’ with ‘three fine actresses’ and a ‘wonderful script’ The Australian


    ‘powerful look at domestic violence…a short but potent piece, equal parts murder ballad and revenge thriller.’ Sydney Morning Herald


    ‘It’s liberation through violence, it’s women as anti-heroes, and it’s thrillingly subversive and deeply affecting.’ Time Out


    ‘bruising, bold and brilliant…The performances in The Bleeding Tree are pitch perfect.’ Australian Stage


    ‘They say it takes a village to raise a child. This excellent production suggests that it also takes a village to kill a bastard.’ The Australian


    ‘There is a contagious fever of daring and simpatico between these three actors that is breathlessly thrilling to witness.’ Kevin Jackson

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  • 2015 Griffin Award winner – Stephen Carleton

    We’re thrilled to announce that STEPHEN CARLETON has won the 2015 Griffin Award for New Australian Writing for his play, The Turquoise Elephant. 

    Stephen receives a $10,000 cash prize, and each shortlisted playwright receives a $1,000 cash prize. Congratulations also go to the Shortlisted nominees: Christopher Bryant, Louris van de Geer, Julian Larnach, Kendall Feaver. 

    The Griffin Award is a national prize recognising an outstanding play that displays an authentic, inventive and contemporary Australian voice. Read more…

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25 August 8:53 am

A message from Lee 25 August

Spring is on its way and so is the launch of our 2016 Season! Next Monday, I will share with you the lineup of extraordinary new plays that you’ll see on the Stables stage next year. I am near to bursting with excitement! Our marketing team is limiting me to two exclamation marks in this newsletter – unfair.

I had the chance over the weekend to work on scenes from Australian plays with young actors at ATYP. We looked at bits of plays from the last few years at Griffin and as they worked through Ian Meadows’ Between Two Waves, Jane Bodie’s This Year’s Ashes, Declan Greene’s Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography and Patricia Cornelius’ The Call, it was a real reminder to me of how precious these stories are. And how strong the writing is. Visiting these plays again was a real joy – watching young actors fall in love with the feeling of acting Australian writing was a pleasure.

A pleasure too seeing that Rick Viede’s play A Hoax premiered this weekend in America. Rick has adapted the work for an American audience and it is having a season at the New Jersey Repertory as Nobody’s Girl. A remarkable achievement – we wish him and his cast the best of luck! (Totally justified usage of punctuation as this is HUGE)

Closer to home. Thank you for embracing our new play The Bleeding Tree so strongly. We only programmed a short season because it is the riskiest play in the year so I am sorry you only have two more weeks to see it. Paula, Shari and Airlie are literally taking people’s breath away.

And rehearsals start next week for Kit Brookman’s Rabbit For Kim Jong Il. Too much? Come on! I’ll race you to Christmas!

Love Lee

24 August 3:23 pm

MinusOneSister: From the rehearsal room

As the MinusOneSister company head into their final stretch of rehearsals, actor Contessa Treffone reveals the excitement of working on a challenging and inventive script.

I started working on MinusOneSister 2 years ago. It was at the Patrick White Playwrights’ Award where I was a part of a company of actors who would read the winning play for that year. Anna Barnes won and I met the world of MinusOneSister. Reading it, the first thing I thought was; ‘How would anyone put this on?’. Now I am a part of a company putting it on!

Contessa Treffone, Kate Cheel, Liam Nunan, Lucy Heffernan

Read more…

2:42 pm

Ben Winspear: Day of the Playwright

Griffin Associate Artist, Ben Winspear headed to Tasmania earlier this month to speak at Blue Cow Theatre’s Day of the Playwright 

Earlier this month, Hobart’s Blue Cow Theatre held a Day of the Playwright session for local writers, aimed at answering some of the mysteries around the creation of new works and inspiring the writers to feel a part of the national scene.  Invited speakers included Tim Roseman (PWA), Annette Downs (Tasmania Performs), Stephen Carleton (Winner of the 2015 Griffin Award) and myself. The day was focused around the practicalities of script development, resources for playwrights, discussions around the role of the writer in the rehearsal room, director–writer relationships, and included a practical writing workshop taught by Stephen on methods of shaking up a work when it might need a jolt. Read more…


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