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Griffin Theatre Company is Australia’s new writing theatre. In residence at Sydney’s historic SBW Stables Theatre, we lead the country in developing and producing great Australian stories, and are dedicated to supporting Australian artists.

  • Emerald City Trailer

    Take a look behind the scenes of our production of David Williamson’s iconic Emerald City. Get the inside word from David Williamson, Ken Done, Lee Lewis and actor Lucy Bell . 

    Emerald City plays from 17 October to 6 December 2014. Book tickets here.

  • Emerald City – tickets selling fast

    Sydney-Melbourne rivalry, pure 80′s joy, David Williamson and an all-star cast: Emerald City plays from 17 October. And with the first 4 weeks virtually sold-out, snap up your tickets now to avoid disappointment. Read more…

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9 October 11:05 am

Lee’s Enews intro 9 October 2014


I sat in the audience on Sunday afternoon with young Griffins marveling at the skill of actor Guy Edmonds for the final show in the sold-out season of The Witches, and wondered what plays our young audience would be subscribing to 20 years from now.

I sat in the audience last night listening to some of our most inventive creative producers discussing multi-platform and transmedia works and wondered at how our playwrights will evolve into storytellers across different media in the future. How do I bring Storm Surfers to Griffin?

As I sit each day, as the audience of one in the Emerald City rehearsal room, I wonder how the audience of Sydney has changed since 1986.

I sat in the audience for Joe Louie’s performance of Letters from Home in Perth on Saturday night wondering at the journeys of a young man choosing life in Western Australia over military service in Singapore.

I sat in the audience at the Carlisle Hotel watching the Rabbitohs win the Grand Final on Sunday cheering.

A week of being in many audiences, traveling across time, states, stories and futures… All the while thinking of how to incorporate all these ideas into 2015 at Griffin. You’ll just have to subscribe to see!

22 September 10:21 am



Welcoming The Witches into the Stables and relishing the rehearsal room of Emerald City. We have reached the final shows of the year. Astonishing!

I walk into the rehearsal room each day and watch some of Australia’s best actors pull apart the text of Emerald City and start to breathe life into it again, nearly thirty years after it was first performed. Virtuosity – that is what I am seeing. Marcus Graham, Mitchell Butel, Lucy Bell, Jennifer Hagan, Kelly Paterniti, Gareth Yuen. All at the top of their game. Astonishing! 

Last week I sat with an architect involved with the planning of our future Sydney discussing the way Western Sydney is becoming the dynamic centre of the city. We were imagining seeing Emerald City thirty years from now and wondering how all those references to harbour views will sound as the oceans rise – will the play be transformed from a comedy to a tragedy? Today 120 world leaders are meeting in New York for the first summit on climate change in five years. Let’s hope it is astonishing!

9 September 2:37 pm

NAB Private Wealth Emerging Artist Award Exhibition

The Finalists’ Exhibition for the Art Monthly NAB Private Wealth Emerging Artist Award will be held from 11-20 September at HASSELL Studio, Level 2, Pier 8/9, 23 Hickson Rd, Sydney and is open to the public. The inaugural exhibition is curated by Sebastian Goldspink and will be judged by industry experts. The finalists are: Tully Arnot, Julian Day, Mike Hewson, Katie Lee, Lisa Sammut, Camille Serisier, Bridget Walker and Jason Wing. One artist will receive the $10,000 acquisitive award. For more information on the award click here. 


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