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Hammerhead is the story of three teenage orphan whores in a decaying country house, in a once proud property, in an endless drought, in another Great Depression, just trying to get by. The world they inhabit is musical, funny and rural. Not only can the animals talk, they never shut up. Hammerhead is the answer to your questions.

Written by Nick Coyle, from the trail-blazing wunderkind trio that is Pig Island comes this new tale of the familiar, the bizarre, and the bizarrely familiar. Pig Island rob ideas from the best kind of theatre and beat them into a blinding orb of entertainment for you.

Previews 7 – 8 January

Season 9 – 31 January

Director Nick Coyle

Producer Amelia Pulsford

Dramaturg Naiomi Derrick

Sound design Kate Blackmore

With Charlie Garber, Anna Houston, Brynn Loosemore and Gus Murray

A Bambina Borracha Productions and Griffin Stablemates premiere

SBW Stables Theatre

10 Nimrod St

Kings Cross NSW 2010


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