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Kill Climate Deniers Feedback

If you’ve seen the play, we would love to hear your thoughts on Kill Climate Deniers. To keep the conversation flowing, we’ll be posting any considered feedback and comments we receive onto our blog.

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As someone who works for a climate organisation, the show and its themes resonated deeply with me and I thought you did an excellent job at portraying such a complex subject in an entertaining manner. The acting was sublime and loved how the plot line was used as a vehicle for broader political commentary. So clever.  Also, the section where all the emails from the climate deniers was just so spot on. I felt like you could be reading out our own info@ email account at times!  Thanks for backing such a bold and contentious play. 

– Bek


Tonight’s play, Kill Climate Deniers, was a preview before the opening and hence a little rusty with sound equipment but energetic and already controversial. The title had elicited lots of hostility from those self-appointed Conservatives who were happy to “kill” Julia Gillard but who willingly took offence at a play they had not read and had not seen. Cue here to Andrew Bolt and friends.

Those criticisms were built into the play and the “playwright” kept a running commentary within the play, offering alternate realities, scenarios and providing a constant communication with the audience. This was not a play where you can forget you are watching a play. The scaffolding of the theatrical experience was laid bare.

While didactic and self-consciously so it was also a Surrealist theatre of the Absurd. It was a high octane energetic farce played at speed with many of the cast playing multiple roles. In the sights of this play were politicians, their media advisers, the media and, well, yes, us, for we are too comfortable to see that real climate policies would truly, fundamentally change the way we live.

I wish the show well. It’s brave theatre. It’s great to see risk. It’s great that the Griffin Theatre takes those risks. It is a truly special place!



Having attended the behind-the-scenes session at Sydney Uni, I was excited to see how Lee finally wrangled the ‘script’ into submission. The final production exceeded my wildest dreams. It was awesomely good…so good at times that I had tears in my eyes from the sheer brilliance of it all. Fast-paced, funny, technically superb. Loved it so much I might even go again if I can get a ticket. PS. I don’t use ‘awesome’ lightly

– Trish


It was absolutely amazing!!! The use of the small space was inspiring, and the contrast of style – from melodrama to realism – was done so well! The fight sequences had me at the edge of my seat. Overall it was the best piece of theatre I have ever seen. 
– Sophie 


The bottom line is, this would never convince anyone who did not already believe in climate change, so what is the point?



My guests had a fabulous time and thoroughly enjoyed the play. It was particularly timely because one of them worked on the ABC radio program Science Report and had listened to the broadcast earlier that day with Robin Williams regarding a climate conference in the United States. Her partner, Paul Davies AM is an internationally recognised astrobiology as among other things and is very much into climate science. Both are professors at ASU.

– Jonathan


I wanted to say a massive thank you for my tickets last night. I took my mum and we roared with laughter and absolutely loved the play. I will be telling all of my friends. You have revived my enthusiasm to get back out and see more plays, thanks again.



This has prompted political backlash… The threat to kill in these words even in jest and if said at an airport as a joke would lead to a prison sentence and it is incitement… I think this has caused big issues in the media… There are mad people out there and I am a speaker for Al Gore in Climate Reality and  a green campaigner for many years the last thing we need is negative publicity, from the majority of people who will not see your play and will attribute this kind of attitude to people like me.



I wanted to say, after attending Kill Client Deniers tonight, how much we all enjoyed it. Brilliant piece of theatre – funny writing, challenging topic, brilliant performances and top marks to Lee for the direction. Kill Climate Deniers rates as one of the best plays at the Griffin for ages, and wonderful to see such clever and witty Australian writing. The only complaint we could have is that there is so much going on, between the stage and the screens, that we feel it needs a repeat visit just to appreciate how much there is in it! Congratulations to all involved – on stage and back stage, and thank you for keeping Australian theatre alive and developing. I am spreading the word to friends about this play.



It dealt with the major issue of the environment but the approach of using the education minister and having her back story made the piece so much more relatable, as well as confronting. Although the hostage situation may have seemed a bit over-dramatic, it confronted the audience (or at least me) because it made me think this is really what we are going to have to come to if the government keeps ignoring the problem of the environment. Overall I thought it was an amazing piece and the whole cast and crew should be very proud of themselves because I would go back and watch it again every day if I could.

– Pip

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