12 April 2:33 pm

A Note from Lee, 12 April

First ever BATCH is awesome! 

The first-ever Batch Festival started last night with the best wordsmith in Australia, Omar Musa, live on the Stables stage for his solo show Since Ali DiedSomeone give me the money to commission a play from this incredible voice! The Australia Council was hosting a group of international visitors as part of their Future Leaders program—they chose to bring that group to Griffin last night and I was so happy that Omar’s work was front and centre for them. You have to see him.

And once you have, stay a bit longer and buy another ticket to see Cassie Workman‘s new piece GiantessDelicate, moving, funny, confronting and questioning…about as intimate as a piece of theatre can get. And once you’ve shared the same air as her, stay up a bit later and buy a ticket to see Club Mama

So while we are sad to say goodbye to our gorgeous Kill Climate Deniers team, there is a blast of fresh talent and exciting work to thrill you. There is a huge three-week program of work by independent artists curated by Griffin’s Phil Spencer and Nicole La Bianca for your enjoyment and inspiration—plus some great beer from the serendipitously named Batch Brewing Co, who we were so happy to have come on board. 

If you’re feeling like a bit of an adventure, come on over to the Stables and see the future of Australian theatre! 


Lee Lewis
Artistic Director

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