Griffin Theatre Company Casting Call


Production: The Homosexuals, or ‘Faggots’ by Declan Greene
Director: Lee Lewis
Casting Contact: Melanie Carolan –

Rehearsal 16 January – 11 February 2017
Melbourne Season (Malthouse Theatre) 13 February – 12 March
Sydney Griffin Season (SBW Stables Theatre) 13 March – 29 April

Weekly Equity Award wage plus relevant per diems and accommodation for Melbourne season

Available Role
“Diana”, a transwoman aged 40 – 60 with a blistering acid-tongue and a deep love of shit-stirring. 

Griffin Theatre Company are seeking to audition trans and non-binary people aged 40 – 60 for this role. Acting training is not essential, but auditionees should have some experience in live performance (acting, dance, singing, etc)

As the country’s leading new writing theatre, Griffin Theatre Company aims to present stories that reflect the diversity of experience in Australia. Griffin is working closely with a number of organisations including The Gender Centre to ensure a mindful representation of the character in the script. The performer cast will also have the opportunity to feedback into the development of the script over coming months.

Please note: only Sydney-based actors will be considered for this role

About the Play
Gay newlyweds Warren and Kim have it all – a small dog, a joint gym membership and a 20sqm apartment with stunning views. But on the night of Mardi Gras, their comfy relationship is pushed to the brink by a series of unexpected events. Warren is attending a ‘WRONG’-themed party with his best friend Diana– and both of them are wearing highly offensive costumes. Then, just before leaving, they are paid an unexpected visit by a highly offend-able guest – who seems intent on staying for the night. To make it through the evening with their reputations in tact, Warren, Diana, and Kim must assume disguises and tell a series of increasingly ludicrous, outrageous lies. But as the evening rolls on, Diana begins to suspect that her friends might not have her best interests at heart. Throw in an Instagram affair, a missing baggie of cocaine, and a burglar (naturally), and you’ve got a very Potts Point version of a classic farce, laced with black-comic political intrigue.

Continuing Griffin’s legacy of programming risky and courageous writing, The Homosexuals reunites playwright Declan Greene with the Griffin stage to write a vicious and viciously funny satire of his own community: white gay cismen.

Interested performers should email Melanie Carolan at to express interest before Monday 12 December at the latest. Please include details of performance experience.



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