The Witches – Technical Specifications

(see below or PDF downloadable here)

The following document sets out the technical requirements and support to be provided to Griffin Theatre Company by the Presenter.  Obviously the sites and circumstances of future performances will differ, so we welcome suggestions or solutions to our requirements from individual presenters and festivals. We will also be able to supply a draft stage and lighting plot, the final of which will be determined during bump in. Please contact us directly to discuss any issues.



1 Performer

1 Production Manager/ Tour Production Manager

[plus Director if required at the start of a tour or for venues with different configurations.]



45 minutes, no interval.



  • The Witches can be adapted to most staging configurations (ie: Proscenium arch, Thrust, irregular corner stages, etc).
  • Performance space is approximately 6m deep x 10m wide. This is flexible but indicative of the minimum space requirement.
  • Black ply/Masonite floor.
  • Overhead grid positions for lighting and one rigged “kabuki” drop.



The set consists of one rigged “kabuki drop” cloth and mechanism. This is rigged approx. 5m from the downstage end of the stage. Positioned around the stage are a number (depending on venue) of trap mechanisms which hide an army of wind-up mechanical mice. These are pre-wound before the show and then released during the performance to run across the stage. There is also a wooden trunk containing small props onstage, used by the performer to sit and stand on during the show.


Venue to supply

  • Clean, matt or low gloss black ply/masonite stage floor. Please note that the performer performs barefoot, so the floor must been smooth and in good condition.
  • Black masking if required.


Touring company to supply

  • “Kabuki” drop mechanism, cloth and associated rigging.
  • Piping, to run smoke from the smoke machine to the preferred audience seat position.
  • All small props, including a trunk, hand props, mechanical mice and traps to conceal them.



Lighting is operated from front of house by the Production Manager or a venue Lighting Technician. A full lighting plan for will be forwarded prior to bump-in. It is anticipated that the design will be built from existing lamp stock.


Venue to supply

  • Access to professional, venue-appropriate lighting equipment including:
  • 6 x 12 channel 1.2K Dimmer Racks (minimum)
  • 1 x strobe units.
  • Smoke machine.
  • Ability to receive MIDI control from Qlab setup


Touring company to supply

  • ETC Ion Eos series.



Sound is operated from front of house by the Production Manager. The operating position needs to be located within close proximity to the Lighting Operation position. Playback is from a MacBook Pro running Qlab.

  • Professional, full range, 2-channel stereo sound system appropriate for space and capable of significant SPL (100db without distortion at ops).
  • High-quality, professional sound desk with minimum 2 ins (L/R from Laptop Audio Interface).
  • All necessary cable and drive for the above.


Company to provide

  • MacBook Pro running QLab.
  • Presonus Firebox Audio Interface.
  • Midi control cable 10m in length.



Venue to supply

  • Talkback communication for 2 stations: Production Manager and Lighting Technician
  • Communication with back-of-house/dressing rooms and front-of-house/box-office is required pre-show.



Venue to supply

  • Bump-in and bump-out crew (as per agreed schedule).
  • Appropriate Front of House staff.
  • Assistance with cleaning after the show and the floor mopped before each show.


Venue to supply

  • Full laundry facilities required with a washing machines, dryer, iron, ironing boards, clothes racks and hangers.



Venue to supply

  • 1 dressing room.
  • Production office or extra dressing room with internet and phone access.

These rooms must be secure and for the exclusive use of the company during the period of bump in until the completion of the bump out.  Rooms require access to showers, toilets, hot and cold running water, at least 1 rack for hanging costumes, sufficient lighting, tables, chairs, bins and mirrors.



The Witches requires a one and a half day bump in, with the first performance after midday on the second day.


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