WHAT: Life Drawing Class
WHEN: 23 May, 8.30 – 10pm (after The Bull, the Moon and the Coronet of Stars)
WHERE: SBW Stables Theatre
PRICE: $17 including a free drink

Book online

Griffin Theatre Company in association with College of Fine Arts (COFA) are offering you the opportunity to flex your artistic muscles with a life drawing class on the SBW Stables stage. 

Be inspired by watching Van Badham’s debaucherous fairytale for adults, The Bull, the Moon and the Coronet of Stars, debrief in the Griffin bar then grab your free drink and head back up to the auditorium for your class.

We’ll provide the tutor, the equipment and the model and you provide the creative flair.

Tickets for the Life Drawing Class are only $17 including a free drink. Book online or call the office on 9332 1052 for more information.

To book your tickets for The Bull, the Moon and the Coronet of Stars for the 23 May here.





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