Forum: We Need to Talk About The Boys

A special talk featuring creative artists from the three major stage and film incarnations of The Boys: playwright Gordon Graham, 1991 stage director Alex Galeazzi, lighting designer and production manager of the 1991 stage production and producer of the 1998 film Robert Connolly, and director of Griffin’s latest production Sam Strong.

Join us on the stage where it all began to discuss the play’s impact 21 years ago, the process of transforming the play into a film, and the legacy and resonance of the work for a new generation.

Saturday 21 January, 4:45pm (duration 1 hour)
The SBW Stables Theatre
Free event

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Forum News – LAST MINUTE SPECIAL GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT – Rowan Woods, director of the film of The Boys, will be joining the panel tomorrow.


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