Tickets for Heartbreak Hotel available now!

Popping up for one night only at the Stables theatre – walk down a lonely street to the Heartbreak Hotel.  An exploration of the human heart, and the nooks and crannies of the theatre, the Hotel is a full-on sensory, immersive and transformative happening.  Developed by the Griffin Studio in response to the public’s submission of objects and tales of woe,* the Hotel promises to deliver guests an evening of cathartic entertainment.

What find you in the land of heartbreak?

Unburden yourself in the Crazy Break-up Behaviour confession booth, healing apace in a one-on-one counseling session with famed Agony Aunt, Glace Chase.    Take a trip down memory lane to schoolyard love in Kate Mulvany’s Yes, No, Maybe.   For the curious, stimulation physical and emotional  in the Sensory Sound Lock (specializing, conversely, in unlocking repressed memories of heartache/break with Macaroons, feathers etc). Enter the Teen Love Crush for a whisper of love unrequited and excruciating rhyming couplets.  Ramp up the melodrama in Sands Through the Hour Glass – a contemporary performance duo examining a hotel murder, and the marriage that started it all. Acknowledging, though, that sometimes people should really just Shut Up, and that physical and facial expression really can say it all, some of the Hotel’s residents will be exploring the shattering of dreams in movement. Finally, keeping it real, Ian Meadow’s will be placing Dummy somewhere so secret in the hotel, even the concierge is ignorant of its whereabouts….

Where: Lonely Nimrod St

When: Wednesday 8 June, 7pm

Tickets: online, $20 including post-show Passion Punch (or beer/wine)

How it works: You buy a ticket joker. You then collect a ticket from the box office as normal (or engage with print at home convenience!).  On the evening of the Hotel’s manifestation, the concierge will issue you a unique Card of Emotional and Spatial Guidance letting you know where to take your physical self during the different stages of your journey through heartbreak and redemption (there will be bellhops aplenty to guide you if you have left your timepiece or sense of direction at home – no two journeys the same!)

Will I be physically harmed/psychologically traumatised? No, or your money back.

Writers Ian Meadows and Kate Mulvany
Directors/Devisors Paige Rattray & Shannon Murphy
Design Lucilla Smith
Sound Design Basil Hogios
Composition (Sand Through the Hour Glass) Basil Hogios

Glace Chase, Sarah Enright & Simon Corfield

*Relationships – they engage our love, time, thoughts and dreams. But what about those that don’t work out? The ones that don’t measure up. The ones that leave us battered and bruised, shell-shocked or penniless. Relationships that live on in carefully picked presents, or smiles recorded within photographs… How do we forget? How do we remember?

Two Croatians, Olinka Vištica and Drazen Grubiši´c, found a unique answer, setting up a museum as memorial – a tribute to broken hearts. Here participants could overcome emotional collapse through creation – by contributing ‘controversial objects’, from letters to teddy bears, photos to a prosthesis, a gall stone to an axe, to a preserved collective emotional history.

With the spirit of this mighty museum in mind, Griffin asked our audience to play a part in Australia’s very first narrative museum by anonymously sending us objects (with or without accompanying stories) from their own relationship past. These objects and stories provided an emotional trigger and provocation for our resident artists, who created a series of works that will premiere – along with an exhibition of the objects – during the 2011 Festival of New Writing.

A selection from the hotel lobby…

The HURT Hair

The Plastic Turd

The Souvenir Oscar Statuette

The Stuffed Toy Badger

The Ventriloquist’s Dummy


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